With U.S. Spectrum Auction Nearing, Comsearch Announces Suite Of Offerings For Network Operators

ASHBURN, VA, September 8, 2014


U.S wireless operators will soon bid billions of dollars on AWS-3 spectrum that could be encumbered by existing federal and commercial systems. Comsearch, a CommScope company, is offering pre- and post-auction tools, comprehensive customer support and almost 40 years of company experience working in both commercial and federal spectrum to help operators reduce their investment risk and speed network deployments in the AWS-3 frequency bands.

“The AWS-3 auctions and deployments will be the most complicated yet,” said Chris Hardy, general manager, Comsearch. “There are issues with sharing, relocating and cost-sharing that must be addressed, and the federal incumbents present new and diverse challenges. Comsearch is well-qualified in spectrum management and the AWS process to help all stakeholders meet these unique challenges.”

The AWS-3 spectrum includes numerous frequency bands in the 1.7 and 2.1 GHz range, which are already in use by 17 different federal agencies and other commercial entities, depending on location. These incumbent users will need to share or relocate their networks on other frequencies, while the wireless operators will be eager to deploy services on their new spectrum. The coordination and relocation processes will be challenging because AWS-3 spectrum comprises more than 2,500 incumbent frequency assignments in total.

Sharing spectrum between AWS-3 systems and incumbent fixed and mobile systems, and the immediate relocation of potentially impacted incumbent systems, will be critical to deployment of new advanced services. To help decipher complex AWS-3 incumbent issues, better predict costs related to deployment and roll-out new services more quickly, Comsearch is offering:

  • AuctionPlanner™, a data product that gives operators the critical information they need about incumbent systems. AuctionPlanner delivers enhanced graphics to empower operators to develop an optimal bidding strategy prior to auction, reducing risk and enabling more rapid decision making. Using AuctionPlanner, operators can determine which systems will likely have to be relocated to prevent interference to and from AWS-3 operation, along with the impact and timeframe for relocating them.
  • Post-auction Services that are tailored to address the Federal Communications Commission’s requirements for those acquiring AWS-3 spectrum, specifically the need to address interference with existing federal and commercial systems. Comsearch uses its iQ·clearXG® software to identify channels that can be shared without causing interference to incumbents. In instances where spectrum sharing is not an option, Comsearch will facilitate relocating an incumbent to a different band through negotiation and project management.

Comsearch can also offer a full suite of specialized AWS-3 spectrum services, highly accurate databases and program management skills, including:

  • Spectrum sharing studies
  • Relocation program management
  • System assessment and review
  • Coordination with federal government and commercial incumbents
  • Site audits and radio frequency measurements
  • Pre and post deployment spectrum monitoring

“Comsearch has the experience, tools and talent to help bidders through the entire AWS-3 auction and relocation process,” said Hardy.

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